Look around you; take a count of the number of metal items that you can find. You will most likely find at least one item made out of a metal element. It is no surprise that metal, in it many forms can be used for the benefit of people in various instances. Be it to make vehicles, railings or even jewellery, metal has become a part of our lives in many ways. Following are some of the interesting facts about those hard, shiny elements that you are constantly surrounded by.

Physical properties

When considering the physical properties of metals, they tend to differ vastly depending on the hardness, tensile strength, melting point, density, malleability and ductility. Therefore, there can be no certain point of distinction that can be drawn between them. Most metals like gold, copper, aluminium, silver and tin are malleable. The melting points of these metals become important when they are used for industrial purposes. Therefore, it is highly important that a user has sufficient knowledge on the physical aspect of the type of metal that is to be used for any purpose.

Chemical properties

The most significant feature that can be used to distinguish metals from non-metals is by the ability to form positive ions along with basic oxides and hydroxides. One downside of metal when unprotected is that due to exposure to oxygen, the metal tends to go through a process of corrosion which makes it unable to be used any further. This is why many use products of aluminum cladding for they have been produced by bonding two dissimilar metals.

Periodic table

Metals find their place in the periodic table according to the similar features carried by each. While groups 1 and 2 include the alkali and alkaline-earth metals respectively, group 3 also known as the lanthanide and actinide series gives place to rare earth metals. Except for alkali and alkaline-earth metals other types of metals are considered to be transitional. One of the most commonly used metals could be known as Aluminium which people use for different purposes like an aluminium composite panel, an aluminium railing, cutlery etc.


These metals come along with many uses for you. These metals that can be found from the earth round us can be used for various purposes depending on their position in the periodic table. As you look around you, you will realize that metals have been used in many forms to build certain products that make life easier for us in our day to day routines.

Important Facts About Metal