With people choosing to remain in their homes and making a holiday there, instead of travelling for a vacation the idea of a staycation was born. With this trend still holding strong, it would be a good investment to transform your home to make it truly a place worth staying in.

A pool that will draw attention

Build an indoor and outdoor pool. Making space to invest in a pool that starts in door from a part of your home to the outdoors can be an extravagant piece of investment. Not only will such a drastic change bring about a hotel like feel to your place, it will also increase the value of your home. Most hotels have interesting pools that makes it do well. Well known luxury hotels have pools that create great advertising for the hotel. So looking to invest in a fancy pool will be well worth your money. Whether you are going to use it for yourself or rent it out as a holiday home for others, it is sure to be well spoken of. There are designers that specialize in Bespoke design interiors who will be able to build and guide you to make the best choice.

Add a deck

A deck always increases the value of the home. It also creates an expensive look that can be done up and made fancy or kept simple and less expensive. You can decide to go all out on what kind of fixtures and furniture you would like to incorporate into your deck. There are great furniture packages that you can look into when deciding on what you will finally go with. Select an area of your home that can take on an addition such as a deck. Decide on the size and how you want it to be done. Hiring professional builders is the best method as building a deck is no easy task. The tools and equipment needed is many and costly, therefore it’s best to let someone who does it for a living to take care of it.

A sunroom addition

A sunroom can be a wonderful addition especially if you live in sunny and tropical weather areas. It is also a great option for beachside homes. Buy if you live in areas that have to face winter a lot, you might have to consider getting some form of insulation for winter days and nights. But in other instances it will be a great look to the home. You could incorporate a mini library and make it fancy. Great for people who enjoy reading, simply relaxing and lazing around. It can also be used to have family game times and other chilled activities.

Make Your Space Staycation Worthy