Living the life in a big city is an experience that you should have if you can. For those of you already living experience, you realise that one of the downfalls is the sheer lack of big living spaces, but fear not, you have come to the right place. While living in the bog city is exciting, sometimes you just need some space in your home. This is a luxury that most of us might not be able to afford so today we have few tips that you can use to make your living space look and feel bigger without having to move.

Light walls and dark floors

Ig you ask any interior design consultant Dubai, they will tell you that one way to make your space look bigger is by playing with the natural light in any room. A great way to make use of the natural light to make the room look bigger is by using the correct colours on the walls and floor. Making the walls light and darker floors will help to give the room a bigger feel. When we say light colours, most people think white but in reality, white gives a stark and cold look but by using shades of white such as off white, cream or pearl, you can add the light touch while giving the room a warm feel. The darker floors will help to enhance the light walls and give the room a bigger and airy feel.

Open plan and no doors

Another way to make more space in your apartment is by getting rid of the doors and partitions, and opting for an open plan of sorts. Any interior design company will advise you that this concept is a great way to maximise the space you have. the option on having no doors on cupboards will not appeal to some as they feel it might look untidy but having doors will clutter up the little space you have. instead of doors, if a cover is a must, you have the option of using curtains to make the place look tidy. It takes up minimal space and requires very little upkeep. Look here to gain ideas about the best interior fit out companies in Dubai.

Back it up to the wall

When you have limited space to work with, you must make the most of what you have rather than cluttering it. By using built in shelving, you can use the remaining space according to your needs. Keeping the furniture to a minimal and allowing for more room to move, you will be able to keep the room looking bigger. The more ground space you can see, the bigger the room looks.

Making Your Tiny Living Space Look Bigger