That is what it has come down to for many who work alone or out of shared workplaces. They are often given an open desk to work from, which is the most basic and cheapest solution one could seek when they need to hire out a basic space to work from. So how does one work with strangers by their side and probably working on diverse projects? Many cafes and modern business premises showcase how such business cultures are becoming a common trend. 

Cooperative coworking 

In a coworking space there are certain unwritten norms that are followed. Even if you are sharing a long working desk with others, as is common in many business premises and cafes, people give each other the space they need. This is the personal space that one needs in order to organize and concentrate on their work. Though some people work in teams while others work alone, most people cooperate by talking low or using headphones to keep their concentration levels and not disturb others. 

Sharing resources 

The other benefit of a coworking space is the use of shared facilities at nominal rates. While renting a dedicated business space with office supplies is a costlier venture, using a coworking space where one can pay for additional shared services and facilities becomes useful and economical. Hence, a serviced office Causeway Bay, which has several people working can offer the use of printers, fax machines, VoIP machines, copiers as well as a coffee machine at fixed rates that depend on usage. Many business premises offer the use of these facilities as well at a fixed rate along with the monthly cost of using a shared work desk. 

Sharing of ideas 

This is one of the benefits that many have found at a coworking space, a reason why it is gaining in popularity. While many individuals have personal businesses or work alone, they find the helpful suggestions of others or the experience or know how those others can offer to be beneficial. At the same time, one might prefer to work alone, which is respected by others at the same time. Hence, working in a group or alone can be different ways that one benefits by sharing a work desk where standard work amenities are provided. 

The above points showcase how one can find a coworking space to be beneficial and stimulating for their work. If one is struggling to concentrate while working alone from home, finding a coworking space would help in many ways. 

Norms To Follow When Sharing A Desk At Work