Every country has a specific method of holding examinations for students; they start from college, to high school and university. In different countries they will be called in different words but mainly, there will be a general ordinary level examination and an advance level examination which will be applicable to everyone that age. This will be a standardized common examination that will have to be faced by all those people sitting for that and it’s very important to make sure that they have a single paper structure for everyone due to many reasons. We know that even to get the drivers’ license, everyone will have to sit for a written exam and there on do a trial with a given examiner to ensure that they have good road handling. This written exam will be common to all those who sit for it within a given state.

The structure and the type of questions stated will be different from country to country but all those countries will attempt to cover the main road rules and symbols associated to their state. Another example is the IELTS test in Dubai which will have to be done by all the immigrants for work or study purpose. This exam is for testing the English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the people coming into the country for different motives. Some who intend to work will still have to at least score a 6 overall while some who apply for permanent residency in certain countries will have to score 7.5 or 8 each or it could even be less depending on the level experience held.

In most universities and colleges, they try to have certain common exams by which they count the students for the intake. Those who are able to get better grades or rather the set intake grades will be able to enter the university the way they wish and students even go for different preparation courses like SAT prep, PTE and CELPIP Dubai to make sure that they will be able to face them well. The main reason of having standard exams is to encourage the thought or principle on fairness whereas everyone will be doing a single paper.

At the end of the day, students can be at different knowledge levels but what each of these institutes wants to ensure is that they all stand on a common platform to be able to follow their courses with the given number of lecturers and study material. It will be difficult for anyone doesn’t reach this minimum mark to pursue their studies or career thereon and that’s why they have common exams.

Reasons For Having Standardized Examinations