Security exists to keep us safe. Everyone and everything needs security. Being safe does not mean we are being attacked but we could make mistakes ourselves. There are different types of security and it comes in many forms, a country has an army to protect its citizens from outside threat, Police force to maintain law and order within a country, your seatbelt to avoid being injured in an accident, virus guards to protect are phones and laptops and medicine to cure and keep us healthy. These are all different forms of security to protect us.

An Army is very important to keep a country safe. Most countries have armies not because they are at war or there is an immediate threat but as precaution. In an emergency an army cannot be deployed in a few days. First the people need to be hired and thereafter trained before going to war. It is not a short process but rather a long one. Therefore many countries have ceremonial armies. Maintaining an army is not cheap but it is necessary. Usually a large portion of the countries budget will be used on the army and that includes salaries, weapons, military vehicles and etc. The army is there to protect the country and its people from external threat but there are instances where the army supports and aides the internal security of the country.

The police are the main internal security in a country. The main role of the police is to maintain law and order within the country. Every country has a police and it is very important there’s a police force. There is at least one police station in a city. The police protect the law and it is a 24/7 hour service. They deal with minor issues such as traffic offences, complains, minor fights and minor thefts and major issues such as drug running, murder and robberies. For these reasons police are integral for a country to run effectively. Similarly the police cannot be everywhere and need to be called or visited to lodge a complaint. Hence there are many armoured cash in transit vehicles for sale UAE, CCTV cameras and advanced locks that are available to be purchased. Most crimes require evidence and the police are the ones that usually who take care of this. Unlike the army the police deal with citizens in the country and therefore need to follow due process.

Security is an important for the country and its safety. The more effective the security the smoother day to day operations would be. This does not mean the police or the military should use force but be more effective in their job to protect and uphold the law as well as keeping the citizens safe.

The Importance Of Security For A Country