When it comes to the internet, you always cannot believe everything that is said on it. Just the other day, there came news about the death of a famous celebrity only to find it to be hoax!  

So, when it comes to the internet, how can you believe anything on it! 


There are many fraudsters on the internet who pose as genuine people or sites to either make a fool of the user or to steal information or money. There are even fake sites that act like a genuine e-commerce website that ships the products once the payment is made. But don’t ship any product after the payment. Once the site is taken down by the cybercrime police, they just open up another site with all new information. Such fraudsters are pros in cheating the people and there is always novice users who get caught to such fraudsters easily! 


Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails to persons, posing to be reputable companies and stealing valuable personal information. Even sensitive information like the credit and debit card. Phishing is a crime that a user can hardly identify. Because it comes exactly as the original email of the reputable company! You should never ever give out your credit or debit card number over the internet. It is extremely dangerous and you will have a very hard time if your identity was stolen as well. If you made a Hong Kong 5 star hotel reservation online and you get an email requesting you to enter the card details again, don’t! It might be a phishing email! 

Wrong information 

Sometimes when it comes to the internet, there is simply the wrong information. The information provided about the facts will not be correct. There will be users who have no idea about something but write about it! For instance, the methods to make a hotel reservation online might be given wrong. Or even worse there are users who give the instructions to make changes in the system software which can cause the entire system to crash if something goes wrong! You can view more by visiting http://hongkong.harbourgrand.com/content/premier-harbour-view-room

Sites up for fun 

There are some sites that pose as news site and provide wrong information just for fun! Most such sites put up fake information about the entertainment industry. But these sites may be run by the wrong people which is why you should always be careful when opening links! 

Be safe when you use the internet. Always think twice before giving out any information. You should also check whether the site address changes from http to https when entering secure information! 

Why You Shouldn’t Always Believe Things On The Internet?